What you can expect

What you can expect
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This is The Graceful Thought Leader, a newsletter from Christopher G. Fox.

Twice a month, I will share insights on how to do thought leadership with ease and grace. I'll be pulling from more than two decades of experience developing effective thought leadership strategies and content for sophisticated clients.

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You'll hear about:

  • Practical, achievable, and realistic approaches for sustained thought leadership
  • Planning and running thought leadership campaigns in the real world
  • Breaking through common internal and external obstacles
  • Why thought leadership is at risk of extinction (and how to survive and thrive)
  • How to close the gaps between marketing, sales, and the business
  • Making sure that thought leadership leads instead of sucks
  • What makes B2B buyers tick, how they make decisions, and how to win them over
  • The balance between reputation, relationships, robust thinking, and ROI
  • Using thought leadership as a founder to cut through competition for funding and early traction

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